"My private session with Julia was something I had been wanting, and looking forward to for years! I knew I needed it, but Julia totally surprised me by creating great outfits with items that I not only wouldn't have put together myself, but that I had planned on throwing out! She taught me how to look differently at the clothes that I already had, and how to look differently at clothes when I shop. She inspired me to dress better and be more adventurous with my outfits. I highly recommend Closet Jules!"

Samantha Turk

"Before I worked with Julia, I didn't even know what I was missing out on! I was pretty sure that I had a handle on how clothes worked, but when Julia walked into my closet I realized there was an entire art to dressing oneself that I wasn't even aware of. She made suggestions and pulled together items that I never would have dreamed of - and they worked. I have a new appreciation for the power of apparel and the absolute artistry that goes into crafting the right outfit. Julia is a gem and so much fun to work with - I'm so happy, and I will be back for more. That's certain."


"I loved my private session with Closet Jules, and really needed it more than I thought I did! Julia totally surprised me by creating great outfits with items that I NEVER would have put together myself. She also made specific recommendation for outfits for auditions... ranging from LA lawyer to New York cop. If you're an actress with a limited clothing budget, you need to talk to Julia!"

"With someone on a budget like myself, Julia is totally worth the investment. She'll make half a dozen outfits out of a couple of staple pieces. She truly has a gift. I would recommend her to anyone."

Shelly, Actress

"Julia struck a good balance between helping me get outside my jeans-and-hoodies comfort zone while also not pushing me too far. We came up with at least 12 outfits I'd never even considered out of my existing clothes - amazing! Today, I'm wearing one of them, and I feel really put-together and cute, like I'm more fully expressing my artsy, creative self."

“My whole life I've loved nice clothing and fun accessories, but I never thought I could actually wear them, until I met Julia and she transformed my wardrobe. She showed me how easy it is to wear all the clothes that I used to pass by in stores, and how to make the most of what I already had in the back of my closet. When I was recently invited to a special event, it was thanks to Julia that I was able to put together an outfit without spending tons of money. Julia has an amazing gift to help you not only look great but feel sexy, comfortable, and confident! Thank you Julia! You're the best!”

Heather A.

"Julia listened to my body image concerns and my spending limits. ... Noticing how busy I am and how overwhelmed I can become, she listed every outfit on note cards to refer back to. I now have an organized closet, amazing outfits, and spent less money than I had planned."

Lynn, Actress

"I have always loved to shop and I consider myself to be someone with good taste, but I have never been very creative when it comes to putting clothes together. It just always seems like I have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear! Julia REALLY helped me with that problem. She was able to pull things I hadn't worn in years and make them look fresh and fun."

Liz, Actress

"Julia was committed to not only dress me up, but to dress me to my full satisfaction. There was no rush and there were no shortcuts. It almost felt like she was shopping for herself. I've gotten multiple compliments from the outfits she helped me pick out. I could not recommend her more highly for your wardrobe needs."

Daniel, Law Student

"I'm constantly invited to special events, Julia's resourcefulness and energy always make me feel red carpet ready. Julia has an amazing gift to help you not only look great but feel sexy, and confident! Thank you Girl! You're the best!"

Kara Taitz, Actress

"I used to spend precious time looking for items that would mysteriously disappeared in my closet, and then complain that I had nothing to wear. Julia helped me create new outfits with stagnant pieces, and explained how to organize and display everything in my closet properly. It was such a small investment that made a huge difference in my sanity!"

Charli Rousseau, makeup artist, www.charlirousseau.com