About Julia

How would your life change if you felt like a million bucks every time you walked into a room? Would your audition confidence shoot through the roof if you knew your clothes highlighted your shapely calves or your killer waist? What if you could just relax and be yourself during business meetings or on dates because you knew that your clothes perfectly reflected your personality?


My mission as a Wardrobe Resuscitator is to breath the life back into your outfits and help you feel amazing in your clothes all the time.

Unlike a consultant or stylist, my specialty is bringing the zest back into your wardrobe without dropping big bucks on designer labels. I’ll find those pieces that you think you’ve squeezed the last bit of life out of and we’ll find a way to appreciate them again. Together, we’ll go through everything. I’m a closet fairy godmother!

My Story

In college, my sense of style basically revolved around big jeans and sweaters. I was a theater geek, so I didn’t care much about clothes because I knew I’d just get paint and sawdust all over them in the shop.

That changed when I moved to Los Angeles. In a city like this, style is important. It’s not uncommon to see women wearing heels and full makeup in the supermarket, and your clothing can make a huge difference when you walk into the audition room.

Fashion magazines influenced me tremendously as I began to explore the world of clothes, and it wasn’t long before I found myself spending hours in my closet pairing these shoes with that skirt and the other jacket. I learned how to put items together, and I loved it.

As an actress, I now know what it means to walk into a casting office and feel like a million bucks because your outfit is just right. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into an audition and been singled out for my clothes. If only I booked the role every time someone complimented my ensemble!

If you’re ready to revamp your garments and get re-inspired about clothes you thought were tired, let’s talk. Within a few hours I can teach you how to be your own personal stylist and turn heads wherever you go!